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Dating made fun and simple

with the Secret Cupid mobile application.

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About Secret Cupid

SecretCupid allows you to be sent on blind dates by the people who know you best, the people who know what and who you are looking for in a partner.

Connect with us

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    Find. people from your contact list

    You know your friends best, so set them up anonymously with someone you feel is right for them.

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    Save. the time and date

    Set up a time and place for your two friends to meet.

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    Share. the love

    Make an opportunity to create a love match and reveal yourself if the date is successful. If it doesn’t match up after all, just stay anonymous!

App features.

SecretCupid gives you the power to set up your friends and stay anonymous...

  • In-app messaging
  • Anonymously link up two friends, coworkers, etc.
  • Set up a time and place for a date
  • Reschedule if need be
  • Reveal yourself as the Secret Cupid if the date goes well
  • Stay anonymous if the date doesn’t work out
  • GPS feature to find date location